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The madness of the political class in Nigeria

At 19 days of May 2011, coming off the bench in two Wuse Abuja Nigeria's capital, saw a woman sitting down in the sun with two children, a sucking chest and sitting down and watching another mother and the mother cried for someone who cares to listen to it. She was asking for the arms of anyone who passes by. When I was about step brother said if you want to help me please for God's sake give me something to the welfare of these children are their children. Upon hearing this, turned and looked at her and gave her some money even though I did not have enough money for that day.

What came to mind was what the Nigerian political class in mind is it? The answer is simple: the madness in my head can not afford to think carefully, because a person an insane person is insane and can not think beyond the capacity of a madman.

Madness in the head of the political class in Nigeria are not allowed to think, Nigeria's political class has one thing in common, their own concern is the way to be elected to the office and keep remaining in office. To revise the law, kill citizens who have faced Nigeria people and kill each other just because they want to remain in office. They have created great inequalities of class and I see nothing wrong take the resources that belong to all the entire mass.

Nigeria today is a country where nothing works. The failure of our leaders is overwhelming. Leaders do not are willing to put in their best, after the effect is that the State and its people are in earthquake and political eclipse has taken over the state and its people. The situation prevalent in Nigeria, where the richest people seem to be those that can not be described as hard working people, but those who have looted the money in the function connection to public or government, people's perception of hard work is not worth it since you do not need hard work to succeed, but you need to have success only when you loot. Nigeria is believed that the career and the subsequent economic and social elevation are not dependent on how hard you work, but who is known, where you come from and the amount of loot the office. A country like Nigeria, where mediocrity, nepotism, the quota system, ethnic origin, intolerance religious, have taken over the state can not be identified as a country in the League of Nations that practice democracy.

The looting of public funds and spending unnecessary among our leaders has to do anything to stay in office unless the Constitution makes it impossible to run. Leaders had enjoyed the looting of public funds had made several attempts to manipulate the Constitution and contest the elections again and continue to stay in office. The politicians in Nigeria are primarily in the pursuit of his political career instead of providing good governance to the people.

How many times have smiled our leaders, our minds while we weep for ourselves, to review all the vagaries of life and broken promises and a lot of lack of faith that our leaders are known for? How can we believe the government, Democracy and Good Governance in Nigeria when our leaders have denied the right to exist as members of society, without apologizing to us? One of the bad things about democracy and governance in Nigeria is not that the leaders and politicians do not know what is right, but always choose do wrong.

Nigeria's leaders and politicians should know that as regards politics as a demon-free zone of influence of God is a vision a distorted view of divine providence, an unjustified violation of divine sovereignty.

The democratic government that seeks the ruling class oligarchy produce, maintain that their legitimacy comes from the authority of the people and its government is based on the consent of the masses. The political system benefits the ruling class oligarchy is the microscopic few at the expense of a larger population. The application of force by the oligarchy ruling class over the masses to gain support (legitimacy) has become unavoidable because they know they have failed the masses, and the free will of the masses will not be in the office and regulated by the government and the state.

If Nigeria is as democratic and the ruling class enjoys support of the masses as they say, why keep fearsome crack units of the police and armed forces for protection? Why is the highest proportion of national wealth spent on bullets than bread? Why are the enemies that the security forces were pays to discover located between the village, among the civilian population? Why security forces devouring the society that created them? Why has it become imperative that military personnel in civilian should melt all that can be in the crowd, which form the body inside a cordon between leaders and led? Why leaders afraid of those who govern, preferring the comfort of bulletproof vests for the pleasure of living among the people? Do you have a democratic society leader needs a caravan sent along the corridors in their movement from home to office and back?

The answer to these questions lies in what the teacher Chinua Achebe says about power. Power not only attract, intimidate and dominate, but can also incite resentment and rebellion. It is not repression, torture and brutality, a government unleashes in people who are democratic. It is the incitement of the masses to anger and rebellion against the administration wild government for the violence that is enacted the first side of democratic development.

Nigeria is a democratic society, partly because people still own violence have not matched against the elitist leaders. The false image of our country in the hour of darkness of tribulations unimaginative appropriate sources external, not abort the reality of our existence as a nation where power is run by crooks, pirates and adventurers to the accumulation of private fortunes. Nigeria today is neither democratic nor great. One of the most disorderly nations in the world, which is one of the most corrupt, insensitive, inefficient places under the sun. She is one of the most expensive and one of those who give less value for money.

According to Achebe, tourists wishing to enjoy the peace and leisure, visiting Nigeria should reconsider its decision to self-interest. Only a person who seeks to know the punishment and suffering in the first hand you must choose a state Nigeria tourism. No, Nigeria can be a paradise for adventure and pirates, not for tourists.

The real explosive potential of social injustice in Nigeria is not in pushing close among elites, but in the enormous disparity of privileges they have created among its small classes and the multitude of Nigerians.

Almost there democracy in a situation where a minority of parasites unproductive government and businesses to benefit from subsidized housing, free access to cars official releases free purchases abroad and illegitimate privileges such as uncontrolled acquisition of state lands, the acquisition of stores in the market under an assumed name to rent a genuine traders, contracting for the resale of products subsidized by the government. These unseen consolidated emoluments institutionalized theft the common people of Nigeria for its ruling class.

Dele Giwa was how the situation of Nigeria institutionalized robbery of the nation, by a tiny class of powerful elites, has degenerated into anarchic proportions so that no one cares any more. For him, people seem to accept the revelations of politicians unacceptable sharing billions of naira belonging to the nation. Newspapers and television report them to discuss them, but people just laugh, laugh because have been surprised by the state of unshocability.

Nigerians on the principal that are now considered as a temporary resident's happening in the geographical distribution of amalgam called Nigeria. It's like being away at a distance and watching as a spectator in hell, the world's largest. Nigeria is on fire and people are fun. One hundred thousand million Naira was shared so what? Nigeria is perhaps the only country where such disclosure has lost the power to shock, because the leaders of the often and the masses and is no longer surprising to hear that.

Mass political apathy is not an inherent feature of human society, especially the structure democratic claimed. It is rather the result of a prolonged effect of the destructive forces of socio-economic alienation, which has peaked environment in the militarized society. In Nigeria, militarism has become citizens to obedience and the Philistines who are not only compliant but are apathetic arrogant of their difference and subordination. What else can we expect from people, especially when one remembers that those of them who dare to expose the channels secrets and hidden connections with those who govern to ensure the persistence of culture theft, a good chance of being deleted.

At this point, the question what to do for the political elite and the ruling class to attention, to show some care little for the country to reach a national consensus on what to do to those who plunder the country. What is done to Nigerians to terms with the country and not feel like pilgrims going to other countries to turn to? How can we create a democratic society? Or how long can we remain infinitely patient from the unbearable conditions in Nigeria.

It is difficult tell Nigerians that the new Ordinary of the 1999 Constitution, the Democratic model of the Fourth Republic or the U.S. offer of force to maintain world safe for democracy will beat the ruling class in a democratic way, and transform people's quality of life. We believe that Nigeria is not in a democratic society as the political class has often said that we are. Although we are in a democratic way, the only car that will take us to the promised land is the visionary leaders who will take office with the help of the voters who elect the right leaders for the power of their votes, especially in this period some Politicians have seen the need to change the society and the masses have awakened from their sleep and are fighting for the independence of another, which will give the same right and justice for all. Governance is not a chance of primitive capitalist accumulation of wealth, governance is the purpose of serving the people. Those who vote in the office are convinced that when it comes to power, their lives will be transformed through the good things that were promised during his campaign. Politics state is not a company where politicians spend money and expect returns. Those who do business with state resources in the guise of politics can not give dividends democracy to the people of the state. Therefore, those who call themselves stakeholders share the allocation of state procurement of patronage are not more Politically, they could not get contracts with the help of political patronage to compensate errand boys to pay huge sums of money to bribe their way to get the contract.

The great contradiction is that the state has privatized many of its public enterprises, as a result of the reasons for corruption, inefficient incompetence, poor performance of the bureaucrats in Nigeria as claimed by the ruling class. But if these were the reasons given by the State for the privatization of some public enterprises, the government and politicians should also be privatized because they have also failed and corrupt and inefficient as well.

How many people ever paused to consider what the Nigerian politicians is that democracy? They believe that democracy is the incalculable damage done to statecraft by the endless and continuous speech making by public officials and government officials. This is political unrest and pathology policy.

It's amazing when you come to think of it, the amount of resources of time, energy and human by Nigeria's leaders, politicians and public officials to address the audience. Showmanship seems to be a strong feature in the leaders of Nigeria. It seems that there is a need irresistible to impress and show everyone all the power and authority resides in the office held by each elected official.

Any form of activity and every program government offers an opportunity to meet people and talking to them at length. The public may appear in their finery, with drums, acrobats and dancers arranged Special to thrill the audience and invoke the pressure in the rule. It is the practice of the official invitations to be sent. These are printed by various thousands of the Department of Printing, which often have to work all day in shifts to meet the deadline. It's an endless cycle of all night shifts since just a week in which the ruler or AIDS are not out and about to declare open one or the other.

Let consider the implications of these perpetual facing the audience. First, it involves the use and the huge waste of labor. To begin with, a written statement is almost always necessary. It is prepared in the department by department concerned with the object of the ceremony. The initial task is passed to a deputy secretary who works on the tongue for quite some days. It then presents their work done hand to a senior official who debunks the whole piece and practically prepare a new one that goes to the Department Head. That in turn consolidates and tweak the project before submitting the master politician who will deliver the speech.

As the day approaches, elaborate arrangements have to be made to provide chairs, table and speakers for the occasion. In some cases, in outdoor ceremonies, awnings must be lifted, all these tasks are usually carried out by the event organizers. The Minister Information is the public address systems. Overall, an army of officials are plunging up and down at the scene of the ceremony. The department in question do not forget to alert the police to have to send contingent of men to control traffic, maintain public order and ensure safety. Of course, press and all public media must be invited to cover the ceremony and is expected to fill the air and the front pages of newspapers with the activities of the central figures of the show.

When the day finally arrives, a long convoy of motor vehicles established for the scene of the ceremony. The higher is the state of an elected official, the longest of the motorcade, where the president, senators and governors are involved vehicles will transportation escorts, security, protocol, ministers or members of the State Commission, government officials, Assistant Secretaries and private policies and assistants, members of political parties and party officials, and a lot of staff think that they will incur the wrath of his teacher, or even feel slighted if were not included in the environment. Of course a police vehicle with the siren will lead the convoy, loud deafening noise of the dispersion and scattering all members the IPO of its statutory functions by foot, bike or vehicle. Scattering birds also and amazing dogs, police escorts made the dark side and hostile to strike terror into the hearts of law-abiding citizens, with fury to the charge of roads, often resulting in physical violence against people of innocent road users or bystanders. These are all normal accompaniment parts of power and authority.

Meanwhile, the scene of the ceremony already filled with guests who are always arranged to be in their seats at least thirty minutes before the arrival of the "great man". Sometimes, children school line the route to greet your hands and sing songs in praise of the "great man" This is regardless of time and it's always pathetic to see children small, sweating in the sun, having lined up for hours in advance with nothing to eat every day. Support is also part of normal power and authority.

Finally, the ruling comes amid a cloud of dust produced by the vehicle convoy of serpentine. Increased public seats and a great silence as the ruler invades "big man" in the games to take his place on the podium. NATIONAL ANTHEM is played, in which each one does claim to be serous, while, in fact, have fun looking through the center of attraction to all who were about him on the platform. Then all the world then takes his seat. The ruling "great man" then look round the audience and this is an opportunity for seekers and sycophants to try to catch the eye and smile shyly at him in an attempt to convey his admiration for him.

A preliminary observation few have done properly to receive the guests most of the months of August and to sing his praises for his wonderful accomplishments, all in an attempt to please God, he proceed with great humility to invite the rule of "great man", if you deign to address the assembly. Then the private secretary had been parked in the care directly behind the rule "big man" and a portfolio produces the speech that the ruling "great man" to be read, and gives it to him. As is to rise from his seat, the assembly does not need to be told that this is a moment applause. So, dutifully clapping ensues which ends only by the sound the rule of "great man" clearing his throat to begin his speech.

Then, the speech opens with a recital of the long and loud recognition of the dignitaries present.

It is a sad note that this is what DEMORACY media and government leaders from Nigeria, which is an abuse of democracy.

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