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Web Marketing – Snail Mail Compared To Direct Email Marketing

It wasn’t too long ago that most people today had no internet leave alone e-mail address. But world wide web brought in a new era that is full of unlimited data. World wide web gave birth to electronic mail popularly recognized as e-mail. E-mail opened new avenues to the world of communication. Inside the beginning e-mail was only utilized as an additional means of communicating with other men and women for private or company related matters. Now individuals of each and every age group have an e-mail address.

But, since past couple of years its potential for advertising have been exploited to its maximum within good and too as poor manner. At the same time who can disregard the services of direct mail that has been operating since nearly two centuries? It is still the best approach of communication for many people.

E-mail Autoresponder could be the cheapest approach of communicating available as of this date. The advantage with email is that you’ll be able to send email to quite a few people today at the exact same time just with the click of a mouse where as within the case of direct mails one has to go via putting letters in envelopes for every and each individual, make different address labels, mail it and also have to bear the cost of mailing. Time is dollars and e-mail marketing saves a lot of your time.

Whilst email marketing may possibly look easy but when you compare the net result the story is totally various. When you are advertising via e-mail you go to make sure that you might be e-mailing the correct individual otherwise the e-mail would wind up going to junk folder. Also you got to be careful that you don’t miss the subject or the body of the e-mail otherwise the net result could be same. In this age of spamming, spammers use selection of subjects, so you’ve to put the subject keeping in mind that it wouldn’t send your e-mail to the spam folder once more. In contract the direct mail gets a much better treatment. Studies show that direct mail is far more efficient and has greater success than e-mail. First, it really is not as uncomplicated to block direct mail as junk e-mail and secondly the process of blocking mails itself is not automated like e-mail. The other reasons why folks hate e-mail marketing is due to constant bombarding of e-mails from spammers and illegal marketers from Nigerian dollars scams to porn to on the internet prescription medications to stock quotes to what not. Additionally to that, you also get promotional provides from huge organizations and who can ignore phishing these days. Because of all these folks have developed a negative perception about e-mail marketing and they basically delete or spam the e-mail if they do not identify it as their regular e-mail. On the other hand direct mail is viewed with respect and folks pick their mail as a daily routine and open them with a priority.

Direct mail offers a personal feel attached to it, one of the reasons why people today prefer mail greetings over an electronic greeting. It takes time to personalize a direct mail where as an e-mail is instant and also the fate of e-mail is also instant i.e. immediate deletion. Researchers are continually puzzled by the mystery surrounding why people today are so enthusiastic about direct mail. But no worries this only very good news for the marketers that they’ve some thing in their tool kit that works. So marketers have the mailing list of possible consumers handy and send some nicely composed letters to them about your corporation and its products. In my country there is one reliable autoresponder indonesia called . Very cheap and have Unlimited features.

Snail mail has a possible of going through the hands of gatekeepers and administrative assistants before truly going to their boss which can wind up being thrown in trash. The survival chances are rare unless its subject is company oriented and has some important info. But e-mail wins in this regard, as it reaches directly the person to which it is designed to go, after that its fate is left to the individual regardless of whether to read or send it to spam folder.

A far more scientific explanation of why direct mail is dearer to people today than e-mail is the sensory perception of people. A direct mail uses three of the four senses of a person i.e. visual, verbal, listening and touching where as e-mail does not use sense of listening and touching. But this could be achieved by adding appealing graphics, text reading ability and streaming audio to the e-mail.

The statistics show that direct mail hasn’t died and in reality the volume is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds in past few decades. A typical example is the fact that we obtain far more magazines, journals, mails from universities, DVDs etc. than we used to receive few years ago. This leaves the marketers with a dilemma about which technique to use. The answer is uncomplicated, use email to contact only those person who you know   direct mail for the people today who do not know you.